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Katelynn Clarey is a contemporary Canadian landscape artist. She has lived in many beautiful places across Canada and finds inspiration in the vast wilderness of the north and the stunning forms found in remote places. In her art, Katelynn aims to find an aesthetic balance between structured and organic forms; between what occurs naturally and what is manufactured. By exaggerating shapes and movement, her abstract landscapes capture the spiritual essence and interconnectedness found in the natural world.

Katelynn graduated from Lakehead University in 2011 where she obtained her Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Education. Since then, she has continued to develop her style and teaches art classes to children and adults. 

Reproductions are available for purchase on canvas and paper. Custom sizing available.

You can contact Katelynn at if you are interested in purchasing any original artwork or reproductions. You can also follow Katelynn on Facebook and Instagram.

Artist Statement

The beautiful forms and patterns found in the vast Canadian wilderness have always fascinated me.  My goal is to share through art my experience and interpretation of the land. I have lived and worked in Northern Ontario, Newfoundland, Alberta, and British Columbia and I am always astounded at the immensity and diversity of Canada. Drawing and painting the wonders I see is my way of connecting with the land and also with its people.


You can contact Katelynn by email at